Teach Every Child About Food

To all mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and all those of you who are in contact with children:

This talk is for you!

Jamie Oliver is fighting to reduce obesity rates in America (and his home country, the U.K.). His passion for this topic jumps off the stage in this TED talk. He’s not afraid to tell us exactly how bad the obesity epidemic is and exactly how much work it’s going to take to fix it.

Jamie Oliver was announced the winner of the TED Prize for 2010. (http://blog.ted.com/2009/12/21/ted_prize_winne_4/)

One thought on “Teach Every Child About Food

  1. There was a TV series about that. He went to schools and tried to get the chefs there to cook healthier food! Very interesting opinions he was confrontated with!

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