Johns Hopkins Cancer Hoax – Warning

Dear friends – in recent days this information is passed on the internet and each day, we get several questions on whether it is actually true.

Even though we from ENAD do agree with several points stated in this aforementioned document, we strongly warn you from circulating it. Why? Because it states it is from Johns Hopkins Hospital, which is actually not true. See HERE.

Johns Hopkins is one of the world`s most renown hospitals.

These kind of false messages written in the name of prestigious institutions and then circulating the internet are called “hoax” – they do a lot of harm to the respective institution. We do not support lies nor any illegal behavior of that kind. We strongly advise you not to circulate such information. In addition, there is even some information contained in this document that is medically simply wrong. It is a mixture of truth and some obvious error which we as Christians do not endorse.