Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing – book by Edwin Noyes, M.D.

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It exposes the spiritual dangers posed by the New Age holistic health movement, which combines valid healing remedies with various mystical healing arts. Valuable insights are given herein into the traps of the paranormal from a Christian perspective.

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Here is a list of the more common alternative healing arts that the book deals with: Astrology, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda medicine practices, Applied Kinesiology, Biofeedback, Crystal Therapy, Chakra therapy, Dowsing and Divination, Essential Oils, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy, Hypnotism, Holistic Medicine, Iridology, Magnets, Martial Arts of many names, Meditation as in Transcendental, Mindfulness, and the Relaxation Response variations, Qi Gong, Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatzu, Secular Psychology, Vibrational Medicine, some aspects of AA and 12 Step programs. Yoga, Yoga Exercises.

The lies told by the Serpent in the Garden, “you shall not die” and “you will become wise like God,” (become a god), are the foundational pillars of paganism/nature worship. From this religious system many proclaimed healing methods have evolved.

The explanation for their healing power is to be found as an extension of the pagan doctrine of origin; that of a perfect blending of a two part cosmic energy which created the cosmos, earth, and man. When this creative balanced energy, which is said to produce life, becomes unbalanced, it is believed to allow disease and illness, and in turn, various therapeutic modalities are believed to restore balance and produce healing.

These therapies are not some healing modality simply discovered and used by ancient pagan civilizations, they are believed to function not only as a method of restoring health but also contribute to the religious trek to nirvana, the pagan’s heaven. Such methods are not dependent upon being in harmony with God’s physical laws of physics and chemistry. Science has not found them to work by known laws of science.

These holistic alternative healing practices are used as an “entering wedge,” “right arm,” of evangelism in the Neo-Pagan–New Age movement. Marilyn Ferguson in her book “The Aquarian Conspiracy,” (called by New York Times the New Age Bible) chapter 4 titled “Crossover”, refers to several of these therapeutics as “psychotechnologies” which are effective in initiating a change in a person’s world view, from the Judeo-Christian world-view, toward one of Eastern pantheism. This “right arm” of the crossover message is designed to affect and bring about a change of world view for an entire civilization and even the whole world.


Support Health Expo September 2015

Ein Anliegen von Sabine Hildebrand von DVG Deutschland an euch ENAD-Freunde und Unterstützer:

Liebe Ärzte,

mein Name ist Sabine Hildebrand. Ich gehöre zur Gemeinde Mannheim und leite dort die Regionalgruppe vom DVG. Wir planen eine super Health-Expo in Mannheim. Ich habe von euch bei der ASI-Tagung in Bogenhofen gehört. Könnt ihr uns bei der nächsten Health-Expo am 5. Und 6. September 2015 unterstützen? Wir brauchen 2-3 Ärzte. Letztes Jahr hatten wir unsere 1. Health-Expo in Mannheim. Es war super, 5000 Gäste waren an 2 Tagen dort. Aber uns fehlten wirklich Ärzte, die z.B. auch die Abschlussberatung machen, oder auch an anderen Ständen helfen können.

Wir würden uns riesig freuen, wenn einige von euch kommen können. Für Kost und Logis ist gesorgt. An den Benzinkosten können wir uns auch sehr gern beteiligen. Gott segnet unsere Arbeit. Ich danke ihm für unsere Möglichkeiten. Liebe Grüße an euch alle, Sabine Hildebrand

Melde dich per Mail an Sabine Hillebrand

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This request by Sabine Hildebrand (DVG Germany) is straight for you as ENAD friends and supporters:

Dear doctors,

my name is Sabine Hildebrand. I am a member of the Mannheim church and in charge of the regional DVG group. We are planning a great health-expo in Mannheim. I heard of ENAD at the ASI Conference in Bogenhofen. Would you be willing to support us with your skills at the Health Expo from 5th- 6th September 2015? We are in need of 2-3 doctors. Last year, we had our first health expo in Mannheim. It was really great, 5000 guests visited our booths during only 2 days. However, we were lacking doctors, who, for instance, would be able to perform a final consultation or help out at other booths.

We would be more than excited if some of you could join and support us. Accommodation and food will be provided. We can also talk about sharing the cost for gas. God truly blesses our work. I thank Him for these many possibilities. Warm Regards to all of you, Sabine Hildebrand

Connect with Sabine Hillebrand via email

Healthy Choices Can Chance Your Life

The EUD (Intereuropean Division) launched the website www.secretsofwellness.org. There you will find information about the Year of Health 2015 by the EUD Health Department. Every month, additional pieces of information will be added and made accessible for you. German material will also be contributed.  

“Making healthy choices on a regular basis can make a difference to your life. It can increase the quality of your life and extend the length of your life. Extending life wouldn’t mean a whole lot if it simply meant living extra years with more disease, increased disabilities, and without much quality to life. What we actually find is that the same lifestyle changes that add years to your life, can also add life to your years! […]

Dr. Winston Craig, Professor of Nutrition and Wellness”

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Source: Secrets of Wellness