Proof positive! Purpose in life connected with less infections.

IMG_0074A very fascinating study shows that higher amounts of purpose in life correlate with lower interleukin-6 (= pro-inflammatory cytokine) levels. In addition it reveals that educational degrees stop playing a relevant role as soon as a certain amount of purpose in life is reached.

What’s your purpose in life?


Aus der Schatzkammer – Testimonies

world healthWir haben eine Zeit erreicht, da jedes Gemeindeglied ärztliche Missionsarbeit tun sollte. Die Welt ist ein Krankenhaus voller körperlich und seelisch Kranker. Überall gehen Menschen zugrunde, weil sie die Wahrheiten nicht kennen, die uns anvertraut wurden. Den Gemeindegliedern tut eine Erweckung not, damit  sie ihre Verantwortung erkennen und diese Wahrheiten verbreiten.

Wen die Wahrheit erleuchtet hat, der soll der Welt ein Lichtträger sein. Unser Licht in dieser Zeit verbergen, hieße einen schrecklichen Fehler begehen. Heute lautet der Ruf an Gottes Volk: “Mache dich auf, werde licht! denn dein Licht kommt, und die Herrlichkeit des Herrn geht auf über dir.” Jesaja 60,1.

Überall sehen wir Menschen, die viel Licht und Erkenntnis hatten, aber vorsätzlich das Schlechte wählen. Da sie keine Lebensreform versuchen, wird es immer schlimmer mit ihnen. Die Kinder Gottes aber sollen nicht im Finstern, sondern im Licht wandeln, denn sie sind Lebensreformer. Sch3 86.1

Die ärztliche Mission wird dem Lebensreformer viele Türen öffnen: Niemand braucht auf den Ruf in entfernte Gebiete zu warten, der noch nicht mit der Hilfe beim Nachbarn begonnen hat. Wo ihr auch immer seid, da könnt ihr sofort anfangen. Gelegenheiten bieten sich für jeden. Ergreift die Arbeit, für die ihr verantwortlich seid; beginnt mit eurer Tätigkeit in eurem Hause und in eurer Nachbarschaft. Wartet nicht darauf, daß euch andre dazu auffordern. Geht ohne Zögern in der Furcht Gottes voran und denkt an eure persönliche Verantwortung dem gegenüber, der sein Leben für euch gegeben hat. Handelt so, als hörtet ihr Christus euch persönlich auffordern, in eurem Dienste für ihn das Beste zu tun. Quelle: EGW, Schatzkammer der Zeugnisse, 3 S. 85, 86

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We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work. The world is a lazar house filled with victims of both physical and spiritual disease. Everywhere people are perishing for lack of a knowledge of the truths that have been committed to us. The members of the church are in need of an awakening, that they may realize their responsibility to impart these truths.

Those who have been enlightened by the truth are to be light bearers to the world. To hide our light at this time is to make a terrible mistake. The message to God’s people today is: “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60,1

On every hand we see those who have had much light and knowledge deliberately choosing evil in the place of good. Making no attempt to reform, they are growing worse and worse. But the people of God are not to walk in darkness. They are to walk in the light, for they are reformers.

Before the true reformer, the medical missionary work will open many doors: No one need wait until called to some distant field before beginning to help others. Wherever you are, you can begin at once. Opportunities are within the reach of everyone. Take up the work for which you are held responsible, the work that should be done in your home and in your neighborhood. Wait not for others to urge you to action. In the fear of God go forward without delay, bearing in mind your individual responsibility to Him who gave His life for you. Act as if you heard Christ calling upon you personally to do your utmost in His service. Source: EGW: Testimonies for the Church Vol. 7, pg. 62, 63

ADHD and Language Skills


Young children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD face a nearly 3-times greater risk for language problems compared to kids without the condition.

That’s the conclusion of new research just published in the journal Pediatrics. The study followed nearly 400 children between the ages of 6 and 8. All attended mainstream schools and 179 were diagnosed with ADHD. Oral language tests and teacher reports revealed that about 40% of both boys and girls with ADHD had language problems. This compared with just 17% of non-ADHD children.

Direct assessment and teacher reports further showed that kids with both ADHD and language problems were much more likely to run into academic trouble. The combination of ADHD and language difficulties did not seem to lead to similar problems with socializing.

The study team suggested that their findings point to a greater need for language skill testing to address the concerns of ADHD students whose educational performance falls behind.

Source: Medline Plus

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Teach Every Child About Food

To all mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and all those of you who are in contact with children:

This talk is for you!

Jamie Oliver is fighting to reduce obesity rates in America (and his home country, the U.K.). His passion for this topic jumps off the stage in this TED talk. He’s not afraid to tell us exactly how bad the obesity epidemic is and exactly how much work it’s going to take to fix it.

Jamie Oliver was announced the winner of the TED Prize for 2010. (