Support for a hospital in Kenya

Nyanchwa Adventist HospitalNyanchwa Adventist Hospital is a newly established hospital which was formerly serving as a dispensary in Kisii town, Kenya. Dr. Elfred Solis (general surgeon) and his wife Marialita (obstetrician) are the only doctors in this 30 bed facility. Since 2014 they have done about 700 surgeries.
Many of their patients are having BPH or urethral strictures resulting from infections or forceful catheterization done in some rural health centers. There are no urologists in this area and often surgeons are expected to handle these cases. Right now the only way of managing them is by open prostatectomy and urethral dilatation or scar excision.
By October 2016 a German urologist plans to serve in Nyanchwa Adventist hospital to help improve the services for urological patients. Thanks to generous donations we already received some endoscopic equipment, such as a light source, a camera and monitors. To properly attend to the needs of our urological patients we still need a cystoscope, a urethrotome and a resectoscope. We would be most thankful for used equipment or financial support.

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Open Vacancy: Bed & Breakfast, Bologna

Welcome to Montebrollo Salute, Bologna

We run a country-house on the hills of Bologna where we host since 2014 regular vegan cooking classes and health programs for the general public: friends and patients of the physiotherapy clinic that Alessia Venturoli runs downtown.

The idea is to start this year 2016 with a christian bed and breakfast, so to share our christian view of life through friendship and literature and healthy breakfasts every morning.

For this project we offer a working place as helper in the running of the bed and breakfast.

For more info see our Newstart Map.

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Support Health Expo September 2015

Ein Anliegen von Sabine Hildebrand von DVG Deutschland an euch ENAD-Freunde und Unterstützer:

Liebe Ärzte,

mein Name ist Sabine Hildebrand. Ich gehöre zur Gemeinde Mannheim und leite dort die Regionalgruppe vom DVG. Wir planen eine super Health-Expo in Mannheim. Ich habe von euch bei der ASI-Tagung in Bogenhofen gehört. Könnt ihr uns bei der nächsten Health-Expo am 5. Und 6. September 2015 unterstützen? Wir brauchen 2-3 Ärzte. Letztes Jahr hatten wir unsere 1. Health-Expo in Mannheim. Es war super, 5000 Gäste waren an 2 Tagen dort. Aber uns fehlten wirklich Ärzte, die z.B. auch die Abschlussberatung machen, oder auch an anderen Ständen helfen können.

Wir würden uns riesig freuen, wenn einige von euch kommen können. Für Kost und Logis ist gesorgt. An den Benzinkosten können wir uns auch sehr gern beteiligen. Gott segnet unsere Arbeit. Ich danke ihm für unsere Möglichkeiten. Liebe Grüße an euch alle, Sabine Hildebrand

Melde dich per Mail an Sabine Hillebrand

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This request by Sabine Hildebrand (DVG Germany) is straight for you as ENAD friends and supporters:

Dear doctors,

my name is Sabine Hildebrand. I am a member of the Mannheim church and in charge of the regional DVG group. We are planning a great health-expo in Mannheim. I heard of ENAD at the ASI Conference in Bogenhofen. Would you be willing to support us with your skills at the Health Expo from 5th- 6th September 2015? We are in need of 2-3 doctors. Last year, we had our first health expo in Mannheim. It was really great, 5000 guests visited our booths during only 2 days. However, we were lacking doctors, who, for instance, would be able to perform a final consultation or help out at other booths.

We would be more than excited if some of you could join and support us. Accommodation and food will be provided. We can also talk about sharing the cost for gas. God truly blesses our work. I thank Him for these many possibilities. Warm Regards to all of you, Sabine Hildebrand

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